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4 Westmoreland Place

Pasadena, CA




square feet

car garage

Customizable Menus

All these menus are completely customizable.

You can put house details, your background, details about the area, video tours, or anything you can dream up!


Image Captions

Set image captions to walk potential clients through your listing.

MLS page included

An MLS-ready page is included with each listing!

All branding and personal information is removed so that you can share this page on your MLS and also share it with other realtors and brokers!

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Multiple styles

This is just one of several themes that are available from Listing Nexus. Each theme features different layouts, colors, and features to showcase your listings.

You're sure to find a theme that showcases your property and demands top dollar!

Responsively Designed

All our listings are designed to fit whatever screen they are being loaded on. So whether they’re being viewed on a desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet, they will resize and arrange to fit correctly on the screen to give your visitors the best viewing experience.

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